bounty hunter requirements

How Much Do Bounty Hunters Make

How Much Do Bounty Hunters Make:
The popularity of dog the bounty hunter has given rise to an enormous amount of interest in the bounty hunting career. So what is it about this highly lucrative but dangerous job that makes it so appealing?

While no one knows dog the bounty hunter salary there is no doubt he’s making a killing.
A profession bounty hunter typically gets around 10-20% of the original bond amount if they capture and return the fugitive within the forfeiture time frame established by the court. Say for example 180 days.

Bounty hunters generally work for a bail bondsman who puts up the money to bail the criminal out. In other cases they do both jobs. In either case you might have to hustle to get work. They normally work on a contingency basis, If you don’t return the fugitive you do not get paid.

It is important to point out, bounty hunting is not a 9-5 hourly job so there are no guarantees you’ll make any money. Depending on the number of fugitives you catch and the individual amount of bail, determines the bounty hunter’s salary. It’s quite possible that you could make $25,000 your first year while working on your skills.

The best thing to do starting out is to check out a bounty hunter school NY seems to be a strong haven for people wanting to enter this career. Online courses in bounty hunting will teach you surveillance, negotiations, skip tracing, apprehension and fugitive recovery.

Along the way try finding a mentor. Think about how much you could learn spending time with an experienced bounty hunter. I can’t think of a better way to gain knowledge than from someone who could show you the ropes

If you are limited by money you could always start out part time and group your money and resources with others in your area. Many bounty hunters work together even though they work for different office bail bondsman.

Still want a career as a bounty hunter?
The specific requirements of becoming a bounty hunter are state specific, so start there first. Once you’ve decided that this is the career you want to pursue, It is definitely worth the investment of time to check out a bounty hunter school for training

bounty hunter requirements

bounty hunter requirements

requirements bounty hunter


How To Become A Bounty Hunter

Become A Bounty Hunter

Do you have what it takes to become a bounty hunter? I hope you realize it’s not
your typical job. It’s not like a 9-5 job where you work your 8 hours 5 days a
week. This is both good and bad.

You might be on call at odd hours. Because you never know what your day is going
to be like, it can add a certain level of danger and excitement into your life.
Are you a little on the mean or tough side?

Remember you will be dealing at times with the most undesirable elements in our
society. Many of these people don’t want to go back and face the music in front
of a judge. To succeed you are going to need be prepared to take on some
physical challenges.

Don’t expect the bad guy to say ooops! You got me. I’ll gladly go with you. Your
going to need some training on how to get them into custody safely. This
includes the logistics of transporting them back to jail.

So where do you start?
To become a bounty hunter or bail enforcement agent you must first know what the
law is in your state. The challenge is that with 50 States comes 50 different
set of laws.

You might want to contact your local Sheriffs Office where you live or a local
bail bondsman to find out the best path to become a bounty hunter. Bounty hunter
schools are another great way to learn the ropes.

In these schools you’ll learn skills like skip tracing. This is where you become
part Sherlock Homes and part puzzle solver. By using public documents as well as
other records a bounty hunter gathers information on know associates, previous
address etc.

Bounty hunters use this information along with any other leads they may have and
start to locate their target. One thing you can’t learn in books is experience.
If you can find a mentor take advantage of their knowledge and put it to use.

bounty hunter requirements

bounty hunter requirements

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